Premium bicycle set H2

Premium bicycle set H2

Product code: 18996

For hanging two bicycle vertically

Premium bicycle set H2 is intended for storing two bicycles and accompanying cycling gear. The set provides an orderly and economic user of your garage, as well as a simple way to clean and maintain the wall that the bicycles are stored on. The Premium bicycle set H2 is elegantly designed to delight.

Packaging: 5× carton

  1. Smartwall 1800 wall set (24056) (3 cartons)
  2. Bicycle set plus H hooks (24039) ×2

All parts of the set are simply fastened into the system rail, which attaches to the garage wall. The set can be simply expanded with other elements that are available as add-ons.

You can hang: Two bicycles – horizontally on the wall


  • Smartwall 1800 1/7 (3×): the Smartwall system wall, 180 cm long, consisting of 21 system carriers (3 packs of 7); every carrier is built from extruded and anodized aluminum, it is firm and simple to install, maintain and clean, providing a flexible way to organize your equipment on the wall.
  • Smartwall startrail 1800 (1×): the starting rail for the 180 cm Smartwall system wall.
  • Vertical bicycle hook (2×): the hooks for hanging the bicycle horizontally; it is simple to install it into the system carrier, and then you can immediately use it to hang your bicycle horizontally.
  • Helmet hook (2×): used for airing the helmet after a ride.
  • Glove hook (2×): this way gloves can always be easily found and kept dry.
  • Project shelf (2×): a metal shelf for projects, so that essential cycling gear is always in the right place and at hand.

Technical data:

  • Dimensions (width x depth x height): 1800 x 300 x 1920 mm
  • Weight: 52.5 kg
  • Material: aluminium, steel, plastic
  • Processing: anodized, powder coating, rubber coated (hook)

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