How to order

  1. Measure your garage, workshop, basement or other storage area you would like to organigate and draw the plan. Then take a picture of the drawing and the space itself. If possible, add some photos of things you need to store.
  2. Upload the drawing and the pictures to, and add your instructions or comments.
  3. We will draw a plan of your storage space with a personalized organigating solution and add the cost estimate.
  4. We'll gladly answer any question you might have or correct the drawing to suit your wishes. We promise we will not bother you with e-mails and calls with questions like “Have you made the decision yet?” and “Would you like to buy a yacht with your Organigator?”.
  5. When you have settled on the personalized solution for your storage space that best meets your needs, we will discuss the installation. We can provide you with detailed video instructions or arrange for a professional to do it for you.

Order here

You can upload up to 10 files, each file up to 5MB.
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