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Organigator – the store-more system

About us

KOPS Pro d.o.o. is a company with 40-year-long tradition in producing sheet metal products. We’ve been at the forefront in ski rental shop equipment for more than a decade.

You have a problem - we have the solution!
We help our customers to optimize the available storage space and organize their things in a clear and accessible manner. Allow us to share our experience with you in your home.

Organigator is a system that helps you organize your gardening tools, sports gear, electrical tools etc. on the walls of your garage, workshop or basement. Your storage space will be organized, clean and, last but not least, look very good.

Organigator is a versatile storage system for your garage, basement or workshop. The basis of every personalized Organigator is the Smartwall system, which makes hanging and organizing your things easy.

Our user-friendly solution gives every organigated garage, workshop or basement a unique look. It adds value to every garage and home.

The cabinets, shelves and hooks can be moved around the Smartwall easily and without using tools. You can adapt the space to your current needs in no time and without breaking into a sweat.

Organigator helps you with your cleaning, too. Since all the stored things are raised off the floor, the space is easier to clean. Dusting Smartwall is a piece of cake, as it has no difficult-to-access surfaces.

Organigator is the ultimate tool for every workshop. Every Do-It-Yourself enthusiast and gardener can profit from a work bench with drawers in his or her garage or basement.