Smartwall made to order

Smartwall made to order

Product code: 16761

Organigator Smartwall is a modular wall system of interlocking rails that, when fixed to the wall, form a continuous wall cover. They can be used to cover all or just part of a wall, where more hooks are going to be used, like, such as above a work bench.

The look of your garage was an important guideline in designing and producing the basic elements. All Smartwall elements are made of extruded aluminium and are anodized. This makes them beautiful and nice to touch.

A wall equipped with a Smartwall has a beautiful look to it. The interlocking rails are designed to form a continuous wall hiding all screws and any carrying structure underneath.

We can make an Organigator Smartwall to fit your garage.

You can use it for: on Smartwall you can hang any hanging element from the Organigator system.


  • put your garage, workshop or basement in order and enjoy the sight;
  • hang your gear on the wall and make space;
  • precision design for reliable and quick fastening and release of elements;
  • since the construction is hidden, the system appears form one piece;
  • easy to clean.

Technical data:

  • Weight: 1.0 kg
  • Material: aluminium
  • Processing: anodized

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